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Why do so many rated Geometry Dash levels look exactly the same?

Why do so many rated Geometry Dash levels look exactly the same?

Why do so many rated levels look exactly the same? The issue of many rated levels being visually similar has plagued the Geometry Dash community for quite a while. This issue is less prevalent to the community than it has been in previous years, but it remains an issue as originality is a scarce resource that many cannot seem to find.

Examples of Unoriginal Concepts in Recent Rates

Take a look at these two images:

Glow Example 1
Glow Example 2

They look so similar you think they'd be from the same level, right? You'd be wrong. These two screenshots are from completely different levels, with neither having any relation to the other.

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This principle applies to practically any style you can find, especially with popular styles like glow or modern.

Modern Example 1
Modern Example 2

It's Hard to be Original

A lot of this likely stems from how difficult it is to be original when seemingly every idea has been done already. This puts creators into a mindset where it doesn't matter what they do with their ideas, just if it looks good. Doing this leads to a lot of common tropes in rated levels.

This also gives creator point grinders a significant advantage in keeping their levels new. For example, creators like AleXins reuse a lot of their ideas and designs in levels that all in all never really develop beyond their simple exterior.

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AleX Example 1
AleX Example 2

To conclude, when you try to create levels, don't be afraid to rack your brain and look up a lot of interesting things to come up with ideas, and if your level still consists of a common trope, try to add your own spin to it!

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