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Geometry Dash In 2022: 2.2 Release Date, New Top 1 Extreme Demons, & More

Geometry Dash In 2022: 2.2 Release Date, New Top 1 Extreme Demons, & More
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Another year of Geometry Dash. With so many amazing achievements made by the community this year, its incredible to see just how far this little mobile platformer has come.

Let's take this time to reflect on the amazing things that happened in 2022.

2.2 Release Date

Another year, and still no Geometry Dash 2.2. This comes as a slight surprise because RobTop said he really thought he could get it out this year.

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That being said, there has been a lot of 2.2 news hinting that the update will come out soon.

And so much more! The amount of news we got this year is incredible.

Not to mention the amount of hype that the Geometry Dash 2.2 private server has been generating!

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You can see more Geometry Dash 2.2 news by reading our 2.2 news collection.

So while 2.2 didn't come out this year, we speculate that it is very near!

The Hardest Demons

This year, there have been a total of 4 demons to claim the top 1 spot.

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  • Slaughterhouse
  • Sakupen Circles
  • Abyss of Darkness
  • Acheron

For most of the year, Slaughterhouse held this spot, but Acheron claimed it by the end.

Another big accomplishment this year was the completion of Silent Clubstep. After eight long years, the level that many thought to be impossible was beaten.

Content Creators

Geometry Dash has seen a lot of activity on the content creation side of the game. For one, Geometry Dash YouTube has seen a revival, and that's amazing. As a YouTuber who went from practically nothing to 75,000 subscribers, I love to see that I am not the only one to blow up in this new era of Geometry Dash content.

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Some new notable content creators this year include:

Not to mention some amazing videos made by the community, including the work of Samifying and Klaux GD.


There isn't a community out there without some spicy drama!

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Some notable drama this year include:


This has also been an important year for us, as we were only founded on February 1st of this year!

In this first year of our existence, we've managed some incredible feats:

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  • 114 unique articles!
  • 24 unique authors!
  • 10,000 monthly readers!
  • 20,000 monthly views!
  • 200,000 monthly impressions!

I never would've thought Dashword would grow this big, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

If you want to contribute content to Dashword, see our contribution guide and get in touch!

In the end, I am super proud of Geometry Dash and its community this year. So many amazing achievements were made and many amazing things created.

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At this point, I think all that's left for Geometry Dash is update 2.2!

This will likely be our last published post this year, so thank you for supporting our work. And a big thanks goes to our guest authors! I could not do this without their help.

If you want to join our roster of authors, see our contribution guide and get in touch!

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See you in 2023!

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