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Growth is Not an Excuse for Effortless Videos

Growth is Not an Excuse for Effortless Videos

It is no secret that Geometry Dash YouTube has seen a revival. Rather than there just being the few major channels like before, now there are more and more Geometry Dash YouTubers popping up and gaining tens of thousands of subscribers. However, I find that with this has come the rise of effortless content.

YouTubers have been using short, clickbait, and overall bad videos to grow their channels before switching to real content. The reason for this requires some knowledge of how the YouTube algorithm works on the most basic level.

  1. When people watch your video, YouTube uses that data to tell whether or not to promote that video. For example, if people watch all of the video rather than click off immediately, YouTube will promote the video more.
  2. However, giving YouTube enough data to promote your video is the tricky part. Videos require views to collect data to promote the video, and in turn get more views. The problem is with getting the initial views.

So, how do we get these initial views? Well, for some, you get them by making these videos.

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Geometry Dash RTX
Geometry Dash Swag Route
Geometry Dash Levels, But It's RGB
Geometry Dash 2.2 Release Date Clickbait

You see, its really easy to make short, clickbait, and effortless videos on trends to gain those initial views.

Why is this bad?

I don't think I have to say this but we obviously don't want a bunch of lazy content populating Geometry Dash YouTube. The GD YouTube community already has a low reputation from more down-to-earth players because of these videos. The GD YouTube community does not deserve this bad reputation when there is a lot of good content out there.

However, one excuse I hear from all of these YouTubers who made (or make) these clickbait videos is...

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This is the only way to grow a channel nowadays.

No. This is not the only way to grow a channel. I know this because I never once made these kinds of videos but still managed to gain 30 thousand subscribers.

All my videos

Notice how none of those are Geometry Dash 2.2 but RTX swag route replay videos. In fact, the shortest video in that list is almost 7 minutes! Each video was crafted with love and I still managed to blow up.

The better way to grow a channel

One thing that needs to be made very clear is the following: making videos on trends is not bad. It is completely acceptable to make a video discussing Geometry Dash RTX or playing swag routes. The problem comes when YouTubers are making effortless, clickbait minute-long replays to grow rather than put in the effort and make real content.

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Note that for here on out, I will refer to making a video on a trend as "trendjacking."

The way to get those initial views isn't by making SILENT CIRCLES BUT IT'S RGB videos. It is possible to trendjack without making bad videos.

The same applies to "clickbait." You can make good content look appealing.

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For me, the video that blew me up was What is the Most Impossible Geometry Dash Level? In this video, I hopped on the impossible level trend. But rather than just making a regular replay with the title HARDEST PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE EXTREME DEMON, I instead discussed a bunch of impossible levels and went on a journey to find the most impossible one.

After that, I made some 2.2 videos. But instead of making GEOMETRY DASH 2.2 RELEASE DATE CONFIRMED, I made original videos exploring the 2.2 private server, usually with a twist.

So what does this mean?

What I want you and all Geometry Dash YouTubers to take away from this is that "it's the only way to grow a channel" is not an excuse for making effortless, clickbait, and overall scummy videos. Instead, actually put in the effort to grow your channel. You can make real content that can blow you up.

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