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1 Million Object Geometry Dash Level KHORNE Rated & Unrated Immediately

1 Million Object Geometry Dash Level KHORNE Rated & Unrated Immediately
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Geometry Dash has a lot of big levels, but none are as big as the 1 million object extreme demon Khorne by Hota1991.

RobTop Games, the Geometry Dash developer, recently rated Khorne, only to unrate it 2 minutes later. Khorne was originally created 4 years ago and gained traction due to using over 1 million objects.

However, 1 million objects is far too much for the game to handle, so for most of its lifespan, the level was actually split into multiple different levels.

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But now, with the help of mods, Khorne has been merged into one level.

Now, you can play the entire thing in only one level. But there's a catch.

Due to the fact that the game can not naturally run a level with 1 million objects, mods are needed to allocate more RAM to Geometry Dash. Without this, the level cannot be played.

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After being pressured by the moderator team, RobTop rated the level. However, after discovering that the level did not even load without mods, he swiftly unrated it.

Viprin, a Geometry Dash moderator, explains why Khorne got unrated, screenshot from GD Today.

While it is disappointing that Khorne didn't get to stay rated for long, there is still hope. RobTop has said many times that he plans to optimize Geometry Dash once 2.2 is out.

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Because of this, there is a chance that after 2.2, once the game is optimized and Khorne can be played without mods, it will get rated again.

Only time will tell what happens to this famous Geometry Dash extreme demon.

For more information on extreme demons such as Khorne, see our Demon List news.

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Khorne is also not the only extreme demon to get swiftly unrated recently, as Natural Disaster was unrated too following accusations of plagiarism.

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