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5 Tips To Get Your First Featured Level In Geometry Dash

5 Tips To Get Your First Featured Level In Geometry Dash
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Geometry Dash gets thousands of levels uploaded every day, but only a small percent of them get featured. So how do you make sure yours joins the bunch that get featured?

In order to get your level featured, it has to get seen by RobTop Games, the Geometry Dash developer. I have 11 featured levels, and I used these 5 tips to get my first featured level.

1. Make it easy

For a higher chance of a moderator sending your level to get featured, make it easy. If they die a lot, they might be less inclined to send it.

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2. First impressions matter

While ideally, the entire level should be good, it's better to have an amazing first part and worse last part than scaring away any potential moderators with the opposite.

Desticy's part in the Geometry Dash extreme demon Night Rider

Desticy's part in the Geometry Dash extreme demon Night Rider.

3. Give it a good name

A good name helps separate a mediocre level from a great level. I recommend using sites like this to look for cool words starting with whatever letters you want.

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4. Get feedback before releasing it

It's not a bad idea to upload previews before releasing your full level, but I recommend using Geometry Dash Discord servers for feedback. Feedback channels are quite common and there are lots of people who will happily help you improve your level before you release it.

5. Send it to moderators

After releasing your level, send it to as many mods as you can right away. Most mods have level request Discord servers, so I recommend checking those out.

You can find out more in this video.

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For more tips on how to get your first featured level, check out our other guides:

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