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4 Historic Geometry Dash YouTube Trends

4 Historic Geometry Dash YouTube Trends

In 2021, Geometry Dash YouTube content went through lots of trends throughout the year, some of which are still happening. In this article, I will briefly explain some of these trends to the best of my ability so you can get a good understanding of what they were.

The "Spam/Silent Circles" Trend

The spam trend was a relatively short trend in which short videos of people drag clicking, lip spamming, and other forms of jitterclicking would appear in other's YouTube recommended. I am also calling this the "Silent Circles" trend, because a certain spammer going by the name of Khasem did spamming videos involving the impossible Silent Circles spam segment, such as this one.

This trend never really took off outside of those specific youtubers and actually got quite a bit of backlash because people grew tired of spamming clips getting in their recommended.

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The "Upcoming Top 1" Trend

Throughout a couple months towards the middle of the year, it was common to get "upcoming top 1" videos in your recommended, which would be showcases of levels that apparently have been worked on for years and are finally finished and need a verifier. This includes levels such as Firework, Sonic Wave Infinity, Galaxy Collapse, Acheron, Misanthrope, Abyss of Darkness, and Anathema.

These levels were typically remakes of older levels (such as Anathema, Sonic Wave Infinity, and unnerfed Blade of Justice), and either eventually got verified or had fallen out of relevancy. These levels also caused players like Trick, spaceUK, and Xanii to become popular, as they ended up being the verifiers for some of these levels.

This trend is still going on today, and it is also extremely dense, so I might cover it in a future article.

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The "RTX" Trend

This trend was when players by the names of Crrano and Neiro (a.k.a Exen) started uploading "perfect quality" showcases of levels that claimed to have "RTX on." In reality, they just used a mod called ReShade to make the game have an intense glow effect, which gave Geometry Dash an "RTX" feel.

Several other players participated in this trend, such as AeonAir, EricVanWilderman, and Juniper, although not to the extent of players like Neiro.

Most people in the Geometry Dash commmunity also grew tired of this trend and began to make memes of it (such as this video by Alias), joking about how all people like Neiro did was use ReShade or a video editing effect to make the level seem glowy.

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The "Does this look possible to you at 100% speed" Trend

This trend was extremely basic. All players would do is buff the famous wave in DeCode in some way (for example, making it mini wave, increasing the game's speed via speedhack, or increasing the amount of spikes in the wave to make it harder), complete the level on recording, and upload the recording to YouTube with the title "Does this look possible at 100% speed?"

The GD community got rather annoyed with this trend, mostly due to its effortlessness and that those videos would get in your recommended a lot. The trend didn't become that big of an influence on GD content in general although it did slightly revive DeCode.

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