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VSC Explained: Top 1 Challenge, Hardest Level, & More (Geometry Dash)

VSC Explained: Top 1 Challenge, Hardest Level, & More (Geometry Dash)
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VSC is said to be the hardest Geometry Dash level and top 1 on the challenge level list. And the catch is: it's only 15 seconds long.

VSC is known as a "challenge," which is a short but difficult level. Only the most elite players can beat the top challenges. VSC is specific has only ever been beaten by three people.

What Does VSC Stand For?

According to its creator, Bo, VSC stands for Veri SuBBo Challenge.

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Is VSC The Hardest Level Ever?

While short, some believe it to be the hardest level ever. However, some more modern extreme demons such as Acheron and other top extreme demons have rivalled this.

VSC is currently top 1 on the challenge level list, which is a list that ranks the hardest challenges in Geometry Dash in order of difficulty.

Has VSC Ever Been Beaten?

According to the challenge level list, VSC has been beaten by Diamond, Nev9, and Paqoe.

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