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Geometry Dash "Golden Gates" Decoration Preview (Top 1 Extreme Demon)

Geometry Dash "Golden Gates" Decoration Preview (Top 1 Extreme Demon)
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The upcoming top 1 Geometry Dash extreme demon, Golden Gates, has had its decoration started. In the building live stream, we can see how the first part looks.

The decoration is heavily inspired by VSC and The Golden, two famous levels by Bo and others.

The first part of Golden Gates is very dark, much like VSC. However, the later parts will get brighter as the music gets more intense.

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The difficulty, on the other hand, without a doubt will place at the top 1 spot on the Demon List. This is without a doubt one of the hardest levels ever made and there is a chance it will go down the same route as Silent Clubstep and remain unbeaten for years to come.

Only time will tell what happens with this level, but one thing is sure: nothing right now matches its difficulty. So much so, Golden Gates may need to be balanced due to currently being physically impossible.

The goal of Golden Gates is to create something just barely humanly possible, and we think it has succeeded in that.

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