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What Is Silent Clubstep? (Geometry Dash)

What Is Silent Clubstep? (Geometry Dash)
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Silent Clubstep was one of the hardest Geometry Dash levels ever made and was hack-verified by its creator, Sailent. It was originally physically impossible but was updated in 2022 to fix bugs and nerf it slightly, making it humanly possible.

Regardless, it still has many frame-perfect timings, making it one of the hardest levels ever to this day.

It was released in Geometry Dash version 1.9, and aside from one part being physically impossible for many players due to a FPS bug, it remained possible.

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However, version 2.0 changed the way ship physics work, making some parts much harder than intended.

Finally, update 2.1 broke another gameplay mechanic known as "layered orbs." These consisted of multiple orbs on top of eachother and how you clicked the orbs would determine which one you activated.

But this broke in 2.1, causing it to be the same every time, which made some parts impossible.

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However, it is theoretically possible to click the layered orb so many times so fast to loop through each orb until you activate the one you want. But this is very difficult to do in a real attempt.

Fortunately, the level creator Sailent and his friend IcEDCave worked together to fix bugs and parts made harder by updates to Geometry Dash. However, this resulted in some parts of the level being nerfed.

This nerfed version of the level has been verified, but the unnerfed version has not.

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However, it is theoretically possible to beat the original version of the level, albeit much harder than it was ever originally intended to be.

What do you think? Do you think the nerfed completion is enough, or would you like to see someone beat the unnerfed version of Silent Clubstep?

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