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RobTop Confirms Geometry Dash 2.2 Is Still Set For A November Release Date

RobTop Confirms Geometry Dash 2.2 Is Still Set For A November Release Date
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RobTop Games has confirmed that he still plans to release Geometry Dash 2.2 in November 2023. After delaying update 2.2 from October 2023 to November 2023, the community was worried that RobTop would fail to meet this new release date.

While RobTop claims that the update is not done at this point in time, there are no plans to delay it from its scheduled release of this month.

RobTop says Geometry Dash 2.2 is not done.

While still lacking confidence, RobTop at least said that he only plans to delay the update if "something really bad shows up."

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RobTop says he will only delay Geometry Dash 2.2 if "something really bad shows up."

As for what "something really bad" could be, we do not know.

RobTop cited bugs caused by the Geometry Dash server migration to be at least part of why update 2.2 was delayed from October to November. Since there are no new server migration plans, chances are there should not be any major issues with Geometry Dash 2.2 before its release.

With all this taken into consideration, we can reasonably expect Geometry Dash 2.2 to release this month, but it is also possible that it releases in December or even 2024.

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