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4 Geometry Dash Players Who Could Join RobTop Games

4 Geometry Dash Players Who Could Join RobTop Games

The Geometry Dash community has waited over 5 years for update 2.2, and many blame RobTop for issues such as laziness, or adding too much to the update and not knowing when to stop. RobTop has provided apologies for the long wait, and explained his interest in potentially hiring game developers to RobTop Games, his company.

This is to make new updates like 2.3 or 2.4 come out faster. But what could this new RobTop Games look like? Who would be the best names behind it? In this article, we take a look at some of the best candidates for a post-2.2 RobTop Games.


One of the best options — and the first that comes to mind — would be GD Colon. A popular YouTuber and streamer, Colon has time and time again showcased his programming knowledge and skills. His projects include a Google Sheet version of the in-game editor, a program that converts Minecraft worlds to the editor, and an online Geometry Dash browser.

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His 50 Simple Ideas For Geometry Dash video is a stunning example of the excelling quality-of-life ideas he can come up with. Some editor ideas even got into HJfod's popular BetterEdit mod. Colon also suggested some ways how the wait for 2.2 could have been shortened on his Twitter, such as setting a cutoff date for features to be added. While Colon has stated before that he does not wish to be a part of the in-game moderator team, a job with RobTop Games wouldn't be out of the question.


If Geometry Dash modding comes up in a conversation, HJfod is sure to be brought up. Best known for the editor overhaul mod BetterEdit, he is a worthy candidate. He is currently working on a SDK/modloader named Geode (previously lilac) and a general overhaul mod for the entire game known as BetterGD.


If you've ever heard of a hacking tool, chances are it's MegaHack, one of the most famous hacking and QoL tools used in the game. It's so well-received and widely used, in fact, that real world money is required for the latest versions.

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Absolute's impact on not only the hacking community, but on the entire GD community as a whole, should not be forgotten, with MegaHack v7 having features such as a level uncompleter, a layout mode, a built-in demon list and demon roulette, and many more. Absolute's features are a must in any further QoL additions to Geometry Dash.


Would you code in a programming language made specifically for the GD editor? Would you even develop one? Ask no further, as one does exist! Spwn, a programming language that makes fussing around with triggers a lot easier, was developed by Spu7nix and very quickly showed the power and technological advancement that was possible in the editor.

Spu7nix used Spwn to create a level known as HOW, featuring 3D versions of the icons, amazing visuals, and too many objects for any mobile player. Other notable projects include DIM and Brainfugd. These are just some of the reasons why Spu7nix deserves to be in a post-2.2 RobTop Games.

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Other people

The four names we listed off here are only some of the names that would be the best of the best for the coding side. Others, like Adaf and Serponge, are also great in their own ways and are also potential future RobTop Games developers. Only time will tell whether the predictions made beforehand will become a reality. Who knows, maybe even you could become part of the RobTop Games family in the future!

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