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How Geometry Dash Shorts Help The Game

How Geometry Dash Shorts Help The Game
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It is no surprise that one of the most despised parts of the Geometry Dash community is the low-effort YouTube Shorts that are considered "lazy" and "uninspired" by the majority of players. Creators that make them, like Lemoncake and Kaiguy, are regularly insulted by the community. But while they are indeed both of those things, I feel that those shorts are positive for the community as a whole.

The main positive thing about Shorts is how they get more people into the community. One of my favorite things about the GD community is that we are very welcoming to all players of any skill level. And even though most people who watch these Shorts are children, It can get new players into the game.

Although I did play Geometry Dash back in middle school, I got back into the game due to seeing all of these Shorts about the game. And even though I am not very good at the game, I still love it, and YouTube Shorts are to thank.

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And with more players getting into the game, more people can create wonderful levels and become extraordinary players. Who knows? Maybe one of these viewers will end up creating a masterpiece.

Another good thing would be the more high-effort Shorts creators. With Shorts getting more popular, the more big GD YouTubers are going to use it. Large YouTubers like Sikky and EricVanWilderman have started creating Shorts, and smaller ones have been using Shorts to grow their channel to new heights.

In fact, as of recently, most of the GD Shorts I see are by better creators showing off the best that the community has to offer. Even RobTop has been posting Shorts about the 2023 GD awards!

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Geometry Dash Shorts have a bad reputation. I get it. I feel that they always will. But It won't stop it from helping this community reach new heights.

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