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Google Has Killed Another One Of It's Products, Putting Dashword At Risk

Google Has Killed Another One Of It's Products, Putting Dashword At Risk

Our website domain,, was bought through a Google service called Google Domains. As it was announced recently, Squarespace has bought Google Domains for $180 million.

Google has a history of killing its own products, making it a very unreliable company. As of this article's publication, over 280 Google products that Google has killed have been documented on

With this, the service we use to buy is being shut down. This puts this very site in limbo.

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  • This website should be fine, but keeping it alive with this change will not be easy.
  • Our email,, will likely be shut down as a result of this change. We will do our best to open a new professional email as a result, but it will not be easy on us.
  • Never use Google products.

What this means for Dashword

This website is likely going to stay up. However, our email,, will likely be shut down if we do not find a new solution.

We will see what Squarespace plans to do, but if there are no very clear signs of keeping Google Domains' features for a fair price, we will likely have to kill our email and transfer this website's domain—which is not easy.

What this means for Google

Over and over again, Google keeps killing its products—Google Stadia, Google Street View, YouTube Originals, Nest Secure, Google+, and many more. This makes it clear to everyone: Google is unreliable and you should never use their services.

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What's next to be axed by the company? Google Sites? Gmail? Google Drive? Are they going to sell YouTube to Facebook next?

Also—this is solely a Google problem. Microsoft, a Google competitor which offers premium alternatives to many Google products, is actually notorious for keeping old features around. Sometimes so much so that it hinders the development of new features. But we would rather have something reliable than something that gets killed in a couple years.

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