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Geometry Dash: How To Beat "Dash" With All Coins

Geometry Dash: How To Beat "Dash" With All Coins
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Geometry Dash 2.2 added the new official level Dash! However, its coins are hidden quite well.

Fortunately, while hidden well, they are easy to get once you learn where they are!

Here is how to collect each coin in Dash:

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  1. After hitting all the yellow boxes in the first part, hit the last red box.
  2. Go through a red laser in the second swing copter part.
  3. After turning into a blue particle, spam click to activate the coin.

Following are more detailed instructions if needed.

First Coin

To get the first coin in Dash, hit the red box circled in this picture:

Dash first coin

Second Coin

To get the second coin in Dash, go through this red laser circled in this picture:

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Dash second coin

Third Coin

To get the third coin in Dash, after collecting the "3" collectable, spam click while in this auto part to activate the last coin:

Dash third coin

Hopefully this helps! Let us know if you would like to see more tips for Dash or any other Geometry Dash 2.2 levels.

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