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Popular Geometry Dash Player Cyclic Streams "Bloodbath" For First Time In 2 Years

Popular Geometry Dash Player Cyclic Streams "Bloodbath" For First Time In 2 Years
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Popular Geometry Dash legend Cyclic did his first stream in 2 years, playing the infamous level "Bloodbath" by Riot and more.

Cyclic was a popular player over 5 years ago in the 1.9 and 2.0 updates. However, it appears the Geometry Dash community still remembers him, given how GD Today's news report got over 2500 likes.

But there is one question everyone is asking: will Cyclic return to Geometry Dash?

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Will Cyclic Return To Geometry Dash?

This is something the Geometry Dash community seems to be hoping, given how many comments on the stream are excited for his return. However, Cyclic might not be returning to Geometry Dash.

It is common for former Geometry Dash players to occasionally pick up the game again for fun, but leave not long after. This might be the case with Cyclic, as there is no promise that he is going to stick around.

That being said, Cyclic's YouTube channel has since uploaded two videos and streamed for 5 hours 9 days ago.

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So who knows? Could this be the return of Geometry Dash legend Cyclic, or is this just a temporary comeback?

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