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Geometry Dash 2.2 Trailer Released By RobTop

Geometry Dash 2.2 Trailer Released By RobTop
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RobTop Games has just released a Geometry Dash 2.2 trailer. While this 2.2 trailer makes no mention of the update being delayed, it showcases a bunch of 2.2 features, including many which have not been revealed before.

In total, the trailer showcases the following update 2.2 features:

  • New level "Dash"
  • New game mode: Swing
  • New game type: Platformer
  • 4 new Platformer levels
  • New collectable: Moons
  • Over 700 new icons
  • Over 100 new achievements
  • Create lists of levels
  • Over 30 new Gauntlets
  • Set FPS freely
  • New shops and chests
  • New shards

In addition, the following new editor features have been added:

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  • Add sound effects to levels with SFX Library
  • New Music Library
  • 9999 groups and colors
  • Shader Effects
  • Particle Editor
  • Camera Controls
  • Keyframe and Auto-Build system
  • Gradient, Area, Rotate Gameplay, Scale, Random, and over 80 other new triggers
  • Lots of editor improvements: Increased scaling, layer locking, color hex inputs, trigger precision, and more
  • Lots of new art, such as over 1500 pixel blocks
  • Lots of new animations

The trailer also revealed that there was still much more not showcased, along with a lot of hidden secrets.

RobTop also revealed in the trailer's description that at least Viprin and AutoNick had access to the update 2.2 beta.

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