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Why is Geometry Dash so popular but has a small community?

Why is Geometry Dash so popular but has a small community?

Okay well, I wouldn't say it has a small community, but for it's popularity, it's shocking how small it's community is, why is that? Everyone has either heard about or played Geometry Dash. Popular YouTubers like PewDiePie and DanTDM have all made a video on the game, and yet the biggest English speaking Geometry Dash YouTubers "only" have a couple hundred thousand subscribers, barely touching the 1 million milestone. Well, you see, there is one big flaw with these bigger YouTubers making videos on the game, a flaw that probably costed the game a label other than an impossibly game rip-off, and it's that they play the lite version of the game!

Geometry Dash Lite, a very limited version of the original game is the most played version of the game, because it's free! The lite version gives you the ability to play through a few of the main levels, to which all of them are old levels, and takes away the level editor, the most important part of Geometry Dash and what makes it have a community in the first place. RobTop realized that and has released Geometry Dash World, which adds the level creation menu while still limiting the player by graying out the most essential buttons and telling them that the only way to unlock them is by buying the full version. This is a huge step in the right direction.

However, RobTop did not do the same thing in SubZero, which is strange. RobTop should add and back-port that feature to every free Geometry Dash version out there, including the Lite version. Another idea is to make Geometry Dash completely free, and add advertisements, with the ability to disable them by paying the price we currently pay today. While still keeping the Steam version pay to play.

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But maybe we don't need any of that. Who cares if the GD community is small? Is it better this way? That's a question you will have to answer yourself, as for me, we got #SaveNpseta trending to get Npesta's channel monitized again, we even got #AdvyOut trending, catching the attention of many big YouTubers. The community is small yet so strong, so yes I do like the community as it is now.

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