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Top 1 Geometry Dash Extreme Demon "The Apocalyptic Trilogy" Finished After Over 7 Years

Top 1 Geometry Dash Extreme Demon "The Apocalyptic Trilogy" Finished After Over 7 Years
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The Apocalyptic Trilogy is an upcoming top 1 extreme demon set to be verified by Trick. After over 7 years of creating, the APTeam has finally finished decorating it.

The Apocalyptic Trilogy is a level combining the gameplay and structuring of Cataclysm, Bloodbath, and Aftermath, the first two of which have been top 1 demons on the Geometry Dash Demon List at some point.

Does this sound familiar? Well, this has been done before in a level called Aftercatabath.

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The gameplay has all been buffed from Aftercatabath and lasts just long as Dimrain47's classic hit At The Speed of Light, which is about 4 minutes long.

Speaking of the song, in The Apocalyptic Trilogy's preview, the song appears to be a heavy metal cover of At The Speed of Light.

Popular YouTuber AeonAir has expressed a bit of concern for the gameplay in the fact that it might be unbalanced due to the buffing, and I somewhat agree.

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Still, there is a point to be made in that the levels The Apocalyptic Trilogy was based on (Cataclysm, Bloodbath, and Aftermath) are also unbalanced.

The decoration in The Apocalyptic Trilogy is stunning. It's a change from other red extreme demons, as it has a pretty original theme with lava, fire, rocks and many skulls. This all looks very realistic, overall going for a magma cavern theme.

Some parts have a more true red extreme demon theme and look a little more traditional, but they are well-made and don't stick out like a sore thumb. The decorators placed each detail to make each part look unique rather than to just overdecorated it.

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I will say that some parts weren't merged super well, but that is a small problem. There are other things I like, such as the fact that it is an XXL level and has coins. The last top one to do that was Plasma Pulse Finale.

All in all, I would say that that The Apocalyptic Trilogy is an excellent level.

Like The Apocalyptic Trilogy, levels like Grief by Icedcave and more and Deimos verified by ItsHybrid are other top extreme demons taking the community by storm.

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