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Geometry Dash Top 10 Extreme Demon "Deimos" Verified By Doggie

Geometry Dash Top 10 Extreme Demon "Deimos" Verified By Doggie
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On August 5, 2023, top Geometry Dash Player Doggie verified the new extreme demon and Phobos sequel, Deimos, by ItsHybrid and more.

In October 2022, ItsHybrid finished making his mega collab, Deimos, which was a sequel to the popular extreme demon, Phobos. Deimos is a three minute long extreme demon, taking Doggie over 40,000 attempts to complete after grinding slowly for six months.

However, a sequel to Phobos was in the works for a long time. There were actually two other levels called Deimos, one being too similar to the original and one being a totally different level with no resemblance to the original whatsoever.

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"It's kind of a good halfway point between Skele's and EndLevel's sequels," said the popular youtuber Wavix, while talking about the level as a sequel to Phobos.

While not yet placed on the Demon List, Doggie claims Deimos is in the top 10 hardest levels in Geometry Dash, between Abyss of Darkness and Sakupen Circles. Lots of people can agree that Deimos is indeed a top 10 demon and the best sequel to Phobos yet.

Two days after being verified, Zoink beat Deimos, becoming the level's first victor, meaning this level will have better accessibility than levels like Avernus.

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This level is currently not rated, but is on the Geometry Dash trending page. Despite using mostly 1.9 blocks as a callback to its predecessor, Phobos, Deimos is probably feature worthy.

Summary: top player Doggie verifies Deimos, a top 10 demon and a sequel to the popular extreme demon, Phobos.

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