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Getting Experience

Getting Experience

Motivation and experience are crucial to how you create. You won't have fun if you're stressed about mistakes, and you won't improve without practicing and gaining experience. Understanding this is key for everything else you do.

In the last lesson, we covered accepting mistakes and intrinsic motivation — building for the sake of it, instead of for a reward. However, experience is much different as it has two parts. You must create frequently and you must finish everything you make — regardless of quality.

Of course, this requires some time management. Set aside a dedicated amount of time — even if it's just thirty minutes a day — and build. Focus as much as you can on just building. Don't think about how it looks until later. Try to finish what you've started before you judge it, and don't be afraid to take risks. The Undo button exists for a reason.

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As a warning, you shouldn't let the game interfere with your physical or mental health. If you're playing so much that it's hurting other aspects of your life, such as your sleep schedule, I suggest that you stop.

If some of this sounds vaguely familiar, that's because you've probably learned it in school already. When you take a test, it's best not to leave any blank spaces because any answer you write down can help your grade. Geometry Dash is the same, except you get infinite retakes and the scorer can be anyone — even yourself. If your only experience comes from half-finished levels, you'll have a harder time finishing anything at all.

Just like with tests, you'll do better sometimes and worse at other times, but you'll generally do better with practice. This is completely natural! Progress is never linear, no matter what anyone tells you. It's perfectly fine to not do your best in this game, because the experience you're gaining will make everything worth it in the end.

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