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How To Enjoy Creating In Geometry Dash

How To Enjoy Creating In Geometry Dash

You probably had fun with this game once. There was a time when you could mess around in the editor without caring about quality. For whatever reason — be it finding amazing levels or desiring creator points — that changed, and now creating is a stressful process for you instead of an enjoyable one.

This is a common story in the Geometry Dash community. Countless people start out by messing around and having fun, but get demotivated for whatever reasons. If you started creating because of great levels, you may have always disliked your own and never had fun. You may feel like you're just a bad creator, or that you can't create at all.

The thing is, you can create. You just aren't doing it well, but that doesn't mean anything because you're more than an ability set. Being bad at something is perfectly fine! In fact, it's the reason why you should create more if anything. If you don't like it, you can just quit; this is a game, not a job.

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If you want to have fun, the first step is to create casually. You'll make mistakes all the time as you create, but that's fine! You don't need to make a masterpiece all the time. If others expect it from you, it'll get in the way of having fun, so don't stress about what others think.

An exercise you should try is spending half of your time building for the sake of building, without caring about quality. Not building to improve, or to finish a 'real' project, but just to build. This is known as the 50% Rule, and its entire goal is getting you to enjoy the process of creating without caring about the result.

This will feel weird at first. It's counterintuitive to see your mistakes and just ignore them. However, that's exactly the point. You have to accept your mistakes and embrace them. You can spend the other half of your time doing whatever you want — be a perfectionist, even. However, the other half must be dedicated to casual creating.

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Anytime you feel burned out with creating, either use the 50% Rule or take a break. It's best if you can embrace your levels, your skills, and ultimately your mistakes. That's the key to growth, and it's how you can have fun again.

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