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Socializing & Creating In Geometry Dash

Socializing & Creating In Geometry Dash

Obviously, other people play Geometry Dash and there's a community centered around it. You know this. And because humans are social animals, we tend to talk to other humans. Unless you're an extreme introvert, we all socialize at least sometimes.

With Geometry Dash, this is no different. Finding other creators to talk with leads to knowledge sharing and friendly competition that can increase your fun with the game. The common interests creators have often lead to collaboration on a large scale, something that's beneficial for everyone.

At the same time, it's important to pick your friends wisely. People have preferences, and many times they will impose them on you. Some of these like "don't make monochrome levels" or "don't make a certain style" will directly limit what you think is acceptable or even possible.

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While socializing through this game has many benefits, it's critical that you still create for yourself. The negative aspects of some communities can be a great demotivator, so we advise that you find people whom you enjoy being around.

Going back to the test analogy from last time, anyone can 'grade' your levels — but not everyone will be a supportive grader. Without a specific rubric to grade by, many people will force their preferences on you, often in toxic ways. However, having friends to help during the test will make it less stressful, and maybe even fun! The same applies to creating, and the faster you learn this, the stronger your footing will be as you get started.

Join the Geometry Dash Creator School!

Join the Geometry Dash Creator School Discord with this link to learn how to become a great level maker!

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