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4 Geometry Dash 2.2 Features That Explain Why The Update Is Taking So Long

4 Geometry Dash 2.2 Features That Explain Why The Update Is Taking So Long
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With the Geometry Dash 2.2 release date around the corner, many new features will be added to Geometry Dash. But as we've been waiting over 6 years for Geometry Dash 2.2, which of these features explain why the game's 2.2 update is taking so long?

These 4 features are some of the biggest additions Geometry Dash has ever seen and explain why update 2.2 is taking so long.

Versus Mode

Geometry Dash 2.2 Versus Mode Fanmade

Image credit: Mulpan.

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Versus Mode was one of the earliest features said to be in Geometry Dash 2.2. This new addition will allow players to race levels in real time. Whoever completes the level first, wins.

However, unlike real time multiplayer, you would not be able to see other players.

Unfortunately, RobTop had to cancel Versus Mode after 6 years of development. However, he expects to resume development and release it after 2.2.

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Platformer Mode

Geometry Dash 2.2 Platformer Mode

Image credit: RobTop.

Platformer Mode will allow for the player to move backwards, instead of just forwards as is originally the case. This would allow for creators to make traditional platforming levels similar to games like Super Mario Bros.

Also like Super Mario Bros, Geometry Dash 2.2's Platformer Mode will be timed. However, it will not feature any sound effects until future updates.

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This feature has a lot of bugs, which is why it is taking RobTop so long to finish it.

Arrow Trigger

Geometry Dash 2.2 Arrow Trigger

Image credit: XcreatorGoal.

The Geometry Dash 2.2 Arrow Trigger is a trigger that allows the player to move on walls instead of just on the ground and ceiling.

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However, RobTop Games, the Geometry Dash developer, said in the Geometry Dash Discord server that coding this feature "was a real pain."

With even RobTop himself struggling to code this feature, it is clear why it took so long to make. Fortunately, it is mostly done, as you can see it used in the Geometry Dash 2.2 sneak peeks.

Reverse Trigger

Geometry Dash 2.2 Reverse Trigger Tutorial

Image credit: SiriusK76.

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Like the arrow trigger, this trigger allows the player to move in directions not previously possible. Specifically, it can make the player move in the reverse direction.

However, unlike in platformer mode, when the player changes direction is entirely up to the level.

Due to how similar this feature is to both the arrow trigger and platformer mode, it is easy to see why it is taking so long to make.

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Fortunately, this is one of the oldest Geometry Dash 2.2 features, being available in the first Geometry Dash 2.2 leak. Now, you can access the current version of that leak via the Geometry Dash 2.2 private server.

These 4 features are likely what is causing Geometry Dash 2.2 to take so long. Fortunately, Geometry Dash moderators have confirmed that the update is closer than ever to releasing.

To stay up-to-date with the latest Geometry Dash 2.2 news, see our Geometry Dash 2.2 category.

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