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Starting From Zero

Something smaller YouTubers have to deal with more so than others is competition.

In the previous lesson, we learned that your goal should be to make videos for the biggest possible audience. However, this is not always possible for smaller creators because of competition.

The Problem

Let's say you wanted to make a video on Geometry Dash 2.2. Well, that is one of the most competitive Geometry Dash topics on YouTube, so you will face a lot of competition from channels much bigger than yourself. Your video will get drowned out by all the bigger YouTubers making videos on the topic.

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So, how do we make a video viral when we have to deal with so much competition?

The Solution

Well, the solution is surprisingly simple. Just narrow down your topic.

Instead of making a video on Geometry Dash 2.2, let's narrow it down a bit. The way to do it is simple.

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  • Open an incognito tab in your browser
  • Go to YouTube and type Geometry Dash into the search bar
  • Look at the seach predictions

Let's take a look at the search predictions.

Search results 1

These are topics that Geometry Dash players are searching for, so let's choose one. To continue with our Geometry Dash 2.2 example, we will choose that.

  • Add 2.2 to your search query (or whatever topic you are interested in)
  • Look at the new search predictions

Now we're getting somewhere. While Geometry Dash 2.2 will have lots of competition, some of these narrowed down topics will not.

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Search results 2

We can even take it a step further.

  • Add sneak peek to your search quiery (or whatever topic you are interested in)
  • Look at the new search predictions

Now we've found a list of topics with much less competition than our original Geometry Dash 2.2 topic.

Search results 3

However, it is important to not to go too deep using this method. The deeper you go, the less people will be interested in the topic. 2 or 3 layers deep should be enough, any lower and you may struggle to find an audience for that video.

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These are niche video topics, which means there will be much less competition. For example, making a video on Geometry Dash 2.2 sneak peek 2 full will be much easier to get clicks on than just Geometry Dash 2.2.

Think of it this way: these ideas are formed from a trending topic and a original addition. We will cover this in more detail in the idea lesson.

Important Considerations With This Method

This method of coming up with topics for your videos works especially well for smaller channels because it utilizes YouTube search. You will notice that most of your views will come from YouTube search, which is a much easier place to get views from than a smaller channel.

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Once you get some views from search, you may notice your video expands into the YouTube home page and up next traffic sources. This is what you want to aim for as you grow!

The reason this method works is because it's easier to get clicks when viewers are looking for your content, hence the reliance on YouTube search. However, bigger audiences are typically found on the YouTube home page and up next traffic sources.

This is an easy way to come up with video ideas as a small channel, hence why we recommend it if you're just starting out on making YouTube content. However, this can also work well for bigger channels, especially commentary channels. We will touch more on this in the idea lesson.

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Next, we will introduce the 5 steps to success you will need to go viral.