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Will The Geometry Dash Awards Be Better This Year?

Will The Geometry Dash Awards Be Better This Year?
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Last year, Viprin's Geometry Dash Awards were criticized for not being very representative of the wider community. While levels were represented well, other aspects of the community such as YouTubers, Streamers, and Star Grinders were largely forgotten.

YouTubers and Streamers only got one category each, with only four nominees each. Other kinds of players like Star Grinders were entirely forgotten.

For reference, levels got 11 categories, some of which even held up to six nominees.

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In order for the Geometry Dash 2023 Awards to be more inclusive, underrepresented parts of the community should either get more categories, more nominees per category, or both.

While the current nominee suggestions form does not include more categories for YouTubers and other previously underrepresented parts of the community, the suggestions form confirms that in "each category, there will be 3 to 10 nominees."

Last year, the YouTuber category in specific was criticized for not including many YouTube channels who excelled that year and deserved a nomination.

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GD Colon suggested the following:

would love to see something like 'best new channel' for channels that blew up in relevance over the year. categorizing gd content is tricky but some potential ideas are editor vids, documentaries, demons, level showcases, ...

Unfortunately, there are no new YouTuber categories this year, at least not according to the nominee suggestions form.

However, with up to 10 potential nominees per category, perhaps more YouTubers will receive nominations this year.

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As I said at the start of this year, Colon said it best:

Spreading everyone up would be a really nice confidence boost for this part of the community, so [that being nominated] feels like a reachable goal.

Hopefully Viprin and the committee can include more YouTubers this year!

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