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Speedrun: The Best Extreme Demon in Geometry Dash

Speedrun: The Best Extreme Demon in Geometry Dash

Speedrun was one of the most unique levels in this game for its time. It features a glitchy theme and has very enjoyable gameplay. It is learny and fast-paced. There are many people who enjoyed this level such as Fuyu, Saturn, Zipi, Skzyl, and Tetrys, but some have disliked the level as well. The level makes you feel like you're in a retro game and it's song fits the levels theme and gameplay very well. To me, I consider Speedrun to be the best extreme demon in Geometry Dash.

We start off fast in 0-10% with the gameplay being very learny and the decoration glitching though colours with the block design being black. The colours consist of red, green, and blue, with some blending to add orange and purple to the level. The block decoration and background are constantly moving along with the player. There are particles moving around the level and it has heavy glow usage. The gears in this part are completely glowing and sync with the other colours in the level.

10-19% gets a little more wonky and it gets to the pre-drop of the level. This part of the level has a lot of straight flying, tight waves, and robot gameplay. This part also has more glow usage then 0-10% and is also a little harder, although not by a huge amount. The cube and robot parts in this segment are heavily timing based. Toward the end of this part, the level becomes darker as it is entering the pre-drop. The glitch effects become intense before going away.

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During 20-28%, the part is very learny and exciting to play. You're holding for a few seconds and the level is checking for your icons, going through all game modes. Then the level enters this retro, glitchy theme, where you are a mini cube. The level at this point goes black every few seconds, hiding your icons as well, making a really sick effect. The level consists of a small amount of glow at this part and uses a bunch of square shaped objects, as if it were a retro type level. The objects become glitchy and laggy like if it was running at three frames per second, making it more epic. At the end, it fades out to black and we enter the next part of the level.

The next part of the level is 29-33%, an amazing part. This part is extremely fun to play. It is really easy to learn and is overall one of the most fun parts of this level. It goes from a retro theme to a complete glitch theme. The background is epic. It has symmetrical flashing lines and symmetrical blocks flashing every other second, making another sick effect. It uses the right amount of glow and has incredible colour blending. The block decorations are some of the most unique in this part, consisting of basic Stereo Madness blocks, black blocks, and glowy blocks all glitching. The colours sync with the music and level greatly. Before entering the next part, the level has a block glitch effect and goes black and white.

33-41% is a masterpiece. This part has many outstanding features in it and it is very stunning. It features the best glow usage in the level so far, executing it greatly. It also features some impressive symmetrical rotated backgrounds that stays consistent thoughout the part. The block decorations are the best in this part, having a glow lighting type design like you would see in Tokyo or any other Japanese related media. It also features some text from a foreign language (probably, not sure what language it is). The gears are still glowy, but are mostly visible now. The colours flash a bit faster. With the glow, the colours show and blend better. The gameplay for this part is very timing and learny based. This part transitions very nicely into the next part with no errors or mess.

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42-52% is the most glitchy part so far. This part is incredible, as it shows the theme of the level very well! Beginning at 42% is a tight wave, with this really sick looking effect in the background telling the player where to go to get though the part. It looks very dark. At 43% and thoughout, it goes back to its regular style, but the block design is more glitchy now. When building up to the drop, the colours, glow, and background pulse faster because after this part is the drop. The background also has a really cool block glitch effect. There are game buttons that say "A" and "B" during this part and when the player reaches the drop, there is a button the these that say "DASH," making you dash into the next part.

53-61% has a bunch of glow usage and is very bright. It is also a very intense part, as it's had its history of being harder than the first half of the level. Today, that has been changed, as Kaito updated it and nerfed the second half of Speedrun so it would be more balanced and enjoyable. Regardless of how bright the glow is, it still looks really sick with the effect it makes! The colours are great in this part of the level, as they are very flashy. There is also a lot of white in this part. The block decoration has very high contrast and is bright purple, white, and black, with glitches to other bright colours as well. The difficulty of this part is very consistent and just overall learny and timing based. The transition into the next part is smooth, but very boring. 62-71% is a unique part in this level, as it combines the retro theme and glitchy aspects of the level.

It has the right amount of glow and it uses glow amazingly. The block decoration is unique in this part, having glitchy glow and squares in it with a saturated black. The background is a lazer that goes through the level and the level pulses to black every few seconds to make it feel like its theme. The air decoration are lines that are white and glitching out and changing to red, green, or blue. It all slowly gets darker to sync with the song as it keeps building up. The transition is okay. It is a beam of light being shined at the player and the player jumps though it to enter the next part of the level.

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72-86% is unique, but not as unique as the part before. The block decoration has distorted parts to it now that can not be seen clearly, which no block decoration in this level had before. The block decorations that do have distorted parts to it now also glitch into other colours. There is more glow in this part than the part before. The glow is intense, but it isn't too intense. The glow has good blending and executes it very well. Toward 78-80%, you can see an amazing glitch effect within the entire level and it is really sick! You can also see the use of moving objects really well. This part is decently difficult, as it has some hard timing, tight waves, and hard ship flying. The transition of this part into the next is very smooth and spotless.

87-100% is very bright, but it looks really cool! You start off the part by dropping into this thing that's very white and slow. It is constantly pulsing in sync with the song, as the song is slowed down. After that, it becomes fast again. The level becomes very bright white. The level then blends the glow to red with the level. The block decoration looks like black blocks with white glow over them, but it is very shiny. The glow and block glow then become red, green, and blue. The background is this circle thing that looks like the chrome logo but its white and red. The block decoration turns into a block layout that looks really cool, but its very bright. Difficulty of this part is learny, timing, and straight-fly based. To complete the level, you go down the path at the end with a purple dash orb and then you let go and you get to this Japanese retro looking end screen.

The end screen is very simplistic. It is a distorted background with a circular white thing spinning around some Japanese text. As the level ends, the text flashes for a few seconds, and the circle goes away.

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Overall, Speedrun is one of the most unique levels in this game. It features a glitchy and retro theme. The block decoration, background, air decoration, and more all work very nicely to execute the theme of this level. Regarding gameplay, this is a very fun level to play and the majority of victors of this level can say so as well. The song is a NONG (not on Newgrounds) song, which sucks, but its made by Camellia, who have posted other songs you may have heard of in Ocular Miracle, Crystal, and Light It Up! Kaito made a masterpiece of a level and I hope you give the level a try because this level is greatly fun. It is one of the best extreme demons in Geometry Dash.

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