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Bizaare: A Player History

Bizaare: A Player History

Geometry Dash is based around the principle that any player can create a level and upload it. The best levels from those uploaded will be rated by RobTop. However, with the number of uploads soaring far past the millions, there's no chance RobTop can see them all. However, in-game moderators can fix that problem. Moderators have the unique ability to send levels that they deem qualified for a rate, feature, or epic. RobTop rarely finds levels to rate himself so it's almost entirely up to the moderators to find high quality levels.

Becoming a moderator is no easy task, as to be accepted, you must attain unimaginably high standards. There are currently 96 in-game moderators out of millions of players which just goes to show how difficult it really is to be selected for that position. However, during my time as a community member, there has really only been one moderator that has truly stood out to me as being helpful and outgoing. His name is Bizaare.

Bizaare started playing in the 1.8 update. According to him, he found out about Geometry Dash in the 7th grade. He was on the bus with his friend, who was playing Cant Let Go. Bizaare decided to try out the game himself and consequently downloaded the Lite version of the game. He bought the full version a month later in the 1.9 update but only became active in the community when one of his layouts was noticed by the creator Paintingorange. From then on, he began to make layouts for Painting and levels like FrostBite, Grand, and Clou (featured levels) all have gameplay made by Bizaare.

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Bizaare has stated that he enjoys layout creating far more than he does with decoration. However, after mastering gameplay, he would tinker with glow and movements, which would lead him to learn more and more about complex decoration. This happened around 2 years ago, in late 2019. He received his first creator point on April 15th, 2020 on his level Point O.

Bizaare became a moderator on August 28th, 2021. At that point, he had multiple creator points and was well known and liked throughout the community. He had set his sights on moderator two months before but didn't really do too much extra. He did do some more level reviews to get his creating prowess spread, but most people already were sort of familiar with him. He was an obvious candidate for moderator, as he knew many mods already, was great at giving feedback, and had creator points.

Today, Bizaare has 42 creator points, 4 dailies, and 2 epics. He has also hosted a total of 4 megacollabs, 2 of which are rated. However, it's not his creating ability that truly made him stand out from the rest. Many moderators don't respond to your messages or have their DM's closed. Bizaare is a rare exception. He helps when you need it and is always prepared with answers. Bizaare, if you're reading this, I truly cannot thank you enough for the help you've provided.

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