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RobTop Announces Geometry Dash NCS Gauntlet Contest With $3500 In Cash Prizes

RobTop Announces Geometry Dash NCS Gauntlet Contest With $3500 In Cash Prizes
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RobTop announced in the latest Geometry Dash Artist Reveal that there will be a NCS Gauntlet Contest with $3500 in cash prizes.

First place wins $1000, second place wins $800, third place wins $600, fourth place wins $400, fifth place wins $200, and 6-10th places win $100 each.


All of the top 10 will get an Epic, Legendary, or Mythic rating, and will have a spot in one of two NCS Gauntlets. The levels in each of these will be placed and played in order of difficulty, not by their placement from 1st to 10th.

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NCS Gauntlet Contest Rules

  • The main song must be from the NCS Library. It must take up at least 80% of the level's duration when playing from start to finish. This means that you can choose to mix in non-NCS music if you wish, but only for up to 20%. Note that you can use several NCS songs to fill up the 80% requirement, not just a single one.
  • Game Type: Classic. Platformer levels are not allowed in this contest.
  • Length: Long or XL. In other words, it must be 1 minute or longer in duration.
  • Objects: Max 120K. In special cases, we may allow up to 150K objects if the level is optimized very well with a good Low Detail Mode. However, staying below 120K is recommended.
  • Difficulty: Easy 2 Stars to Easy Demon 10 Stars. If your level is right on the border towards Medium Demon, it may still qualify.

NCS Gauntlet Contest Deadline & Submission

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