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Mindcap Discontinues Geometry Dash Extreme Demon "Return 0"

Mindcap Discontinues Geometry Dash Extreme Demon "Return 0"
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After years since being first announced, Return 0 by Mindcap and more has been canceled. This Geometry Dash extreme demon was set to be 17 minutes long and the official sequel to Limbo.

Mindcap says the reason for cancelling the project is because it was too ambitious and was making him stressed. On at least one occasion it made him physically ill.

Popular Geometry Dash player Npesta, who had ties to the level, commented on the matter with great distress. He said he dedicated a lot of time to prepare for Return 0 and that the level being canceled really hurt him.

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He notes the following:

My ambition blinded me from the reality, as it's done so many times before. Now I have to figure out how to put myself back together and find something else to strive for, but it will be hard. I don't know if I'll continue to play GD as much as I have been. My reason is gone.

Hopefully Npesta can find something else to do now that Return 0 is canceled.

However, this does not mean there won't be anymore projects from Mindcap. Levels like the hardest timing demon, Heliopolis, are still in development with no plans on stopping.

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While Return 0 was ambitious, this doesn't mean Mindcap won't make amazing projects in the future.

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