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How To Install Geometry Dash Shaders & RTX

Geometry Dash shaders and RTX gained traction about a year ago but can still be seen today. Surprisingly, many people are unaware on how to get shaders and RTX.

First things first, this is done with a program called ReShade. This program allows you to apply certain effects to games, including the so-called "shaders" or "RTX" you may have seen some YouTubers use.

So here is a guide on how to install this in only 5 minutes!

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How To Install Geometry Dash Shaders & RTX (ReShade)

  1. After closing your game, open your preferred browser and go to

  2. Click the Download button and download the latest version

  3. Once downloaded, run the downloaded .exe file and wait for it to load fully

  4. Click Geometry Dash (GeometryDash.exe), select OpenGL, then select Next

  5. Click all the effects (make all the boxes ticked) that you'd like to install, or if you want all of them simply click Uncheck all then Check all

  6. Select Next, wait for all selected effects to install, then select Finished

  7. Open your game and click the Home key on your keyboard (usually near the number pad). You will now have a tab where you can mess around with all the effects. Use the home key to toggle this menu on and off

Not all keyboards have the Home key. If yours does not, you can bind another key to it in your keyboard settings.

The recommended effects used for the shaders and RTX look are called Bloom. Try some of them out and see how it looks!

Geometry Dash shaders and RTX are used a lot on extreme demons from the Demon List, including some of the hardest levels ever made.

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