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Geometry Dash Vault Of Secrets Codes (2024)

Geometry Dash Vault Of Secrets Codes (2024)
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Here are all codes for the Geometry Dash Vault of Secrets. These codes unlock free icons, ships, UFOs, and more.

In Geometry Dash, one of the available vaults is the Vault of Secrets. This guide will tell you all the Vault of Secrets codes and how to complete them.

All Vault of Secrets Codes

Here are all Vault of Secrets codes in Geometry Dash:

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  • Octocube
  • Brain Power
  • Seven
  • Thechickenisonfire
  • Gimmiethecolor
  • The Challenge*
  • [Your Star Count]*
  • Glubfub*
  • Cod3Breaker*

(Do not type the * symbols.)

Some codes require further instructions:

  • *The Challenge — Unlocks "The Challenge," a level where you need 200 diamonds to play. You will get a reward after beating it.
  • *[Your Star Count] — Enter how many stars you have.
  • *Glubfub — Only works after the Keymaster tells you about Spooky's coin and Spooky tells you about the Keymaster's coin. To achieve this, follow these Glubfub instructions.
  • *Cod3Breaker — In order to solve this code, you can use the online solver below or follow these Cod3Breaker instructions.

Cod3breaker Solver

Type "Cod3breaker" into the Vault of Secrets and input the 6 numbers below to get the solution.

Where To Enter Vault of Secrets Codes

The Vault of Secrets codes can be entered in the Vault of Secrets after you unlock it. You can unlock the Vault of Secrets by following these instructions:

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  1. Collect 50 diamonds
  2. Press the lock in the top right corner of the online screen

Then, you can enter the codes in the text field and press the demon face to enter them.

The Vault of Secrets

This is a more in-depth guide to the Vault of Secrets, including how to enter the codes. For more information, read our full vault codes guide.

You can also read our full vaults and secret areas guide for more information on how to unlock the Vault of Secrets.

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