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Geometry Dash Update 2.203 Released On Steam

Geometry Dash Update 2.203 Released On Steam
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Ever since the release of Geometry Dash 2.2, RobTop Games has been releasing many patch updates to Steam!

The latest of which is update 2.203, but we'll go over all three of them in this article.

Currently, these updates are only available on the Steam version of Geometry Dash. Mobile devices are still on version 2.2 but will be updated to 2.203 soon.

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Geometry Dash 2.201 Changelog

  • Changed Platformer default sliding.
  • Added more Platformer sliding options.
  • Added coyote time when jumping off platforms in Platformer.
  • Added Practice mode to Platformer.
  • Added option to see hitboxes in Practice mode.
  • Changed how profile statistics are displayed.
  • Lowered the prices on many of the new items.
  • Lots of bugfixes.

Geometry Dash 2.202 Changelog

  • Bugfixes.

Geometry Dash 2.203 Changelog

  • Reverted ice and air slide in Platformer mode.
  • Added in-depth Demon display on profile.
  • Added some editor tools: individual object scaling, half grid movement, and falling events.
  • Added fast menu (decreases transitions between pages).
  • Fixed several bugs.

The source for these changelogs is the official Geometry Dash Discord server.

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