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Geometry Dash Servers Display Up To 164 Secret Coins In Preparation For 2.2

Geometry Dash Servers Display Up To 164 Secret Coins In Preparation For 2.2
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The Geometry Dash servers will now display up to 164 secret coins (not user coins) on your profile. Previously, the game only displayed up to 149 secret coins, as that was the maximum amount obtainable. But in preparation for Geometry Dash 2.2, this has been changed.

Geometry Dash 2.2 adds one main level and four platformer levels, for five new levels in total. With each new level having three coins, that leads to an increase of 15 new secret coins able to be collected in update 2.2.

However, this change comes with both good and bad news.

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On one hand, this is a sign that Geometry Dash 2.2 is close to releasing. This change should ideally only be made close to the update's release in order to stop hackers.

But on the other hand, it suggests that RobTop has still been working on Geometry Dash 2.2 this whole time despite saying that it was nearly finished back in November.

While there is a chance that RobTop did finish Geometry Dash 2.2 back in November but is just making changes that Apple, Google, or Steam require, it is hard to tell.

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If Geometry Dash 2.2 doesn't release very soon, then chances are RobTop has still been working on update 2.2 this whole time.

With RobTop continuing his silence, its hard to tell what is going on. That being said, we still believe it is one of the following:

  1. RobTop is just testing stuff and Geometry Dash 2.2 will still arrive on time.
  2. Apple, Google, or Steam requested something to be changed which is requiring RobTop to make changes and resubmit the update for review.
  3. RobTop has yet to even finish update 2.2 and is still working on it.

The first scenario is likely not true due to the fact that we're over halfway through December with no 2.2 release in sight.

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With that, the next best case scenario is the second. But there is very little proof of this scenario being true.

The only case where the second scenario can be true is if 2.2 has been accepted by all stores and is currently ready for release. Otherwise, RobTop would have no reason not to make this server change earlier.

That is why if update 2.2 doesn't release over the next couple of days, chances are we're actually in the third scenario, being that RobTop has yet to even finish 2.2.

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