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Dashword Achieves 20,000 Monthly Readers

Dashword Achieves 20,000 Monthly Readers

Dashword has reached the milestone of 20,000 monthly readers! As just a small independent news source for a small independent game, this is incredible.

We are aware that 20,000 monthly readers is nothing compared to bigger publications that get tens of millions of readers every month. But for such a small, independent, and open-source project, we are incredibly satisfied with these numbers.

If you want to contribute an article to this very website, check out our contribution guide!

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Things to look forward to

As Dashword has grown, so has how commitment to making the publication the best it can be.

Dashword Contribution Program

We've began work on a potential Dashword Contribution Program. While this is in no way confirmed, we believe reinvesting into authors is just as important as reinvesting into the site itself.

While not confirmed, this program would allow authors to get paid for their work. For now, however, submitting content is completely voluntary.

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Speaking of which, since Dashword is open source, anyone can write and submit content!

Ads have been disabled

For the time being, ads have been disabled on the site. This is temporary while we focus on some behind-the-scenes work. Expect ads to return within the month.

While we understand people do not like ads, we are a small, independent platform. In order to continue publishing Geometry Dash content for free, we are required to serve ads on our site.

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For more information, you can see our privacy policy.

Further projects

While the website is and always will be our top priority, Dashword has some other projects underway:

If you would like to help with any of these projects, let us know!

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All in all, thank you for such an amazing first year of our existence. We were founded on February 1, 2022, so our first anniversary is coming up soon!

Please follow Dashword's Code of Conduct when commenting. If you would like to report infringement, contact us.

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