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Why Geometry Dash Level "ISpyWithMyLittleEye" Became So Popular

Why Geometry Dash Level "ISpyWithMyLittleEye" Became So Popular
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ISpyWithMyLittleEye by Voxicat is a Geometry Dash Easy Demon made by Voxicat as a fully solo project. When the level was chosen to become the weekly demon, many players around the globe gave it a play.

As a result, it became very popular on YouTube, with some videos on it gaining tens of millions of views.

By now, everyone knows ISpyWithMyLittleEye. Many popular Geometry Dash YouTubers made videos on the level and now it sits comfortably at nearly 11 million downloads and 1 million likes. But how did it get this popular?

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Weekly demon

ISpyWithMyLittleEye was instantly thrusted into the views of millions of players after being selected as the weekly demon. This caused it to spread like wildfire.

Crazy effects

The effects and the flashing lights cause pretty much anyone seeing ISpyWithMyLittleEye for the first time to go woah.

Fast gameplay

ISpyWithMyLittleEye's fast gameplay makes it look very intense combined with the effects and the lights. This creates an extremely exciting atmosphere.

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Unique, fun, and compelling gameplay

The uniqueness in many parts of ISpyWithMyLittleEye, such as the ball, ufo, or last spider section makes the level more fun to play or watch. Every part is memorable. Likewise, those who beat the level reported that it has very fun and fair gameplay.

Unique theme

The theme of fighting against a giant eyeball is unique and memorable, which made ISpyWithMyLittleEye so much more than just another boring weekly demon. Everyone remembers this level because of the eyeball. This is one of the biggest factors to ISpyWithMyLittleEye's success.

Easy Demon

Because ISpyWithMyLittleEye was Easy Demon difficulty, everyone could play at least part of the level. Many players can beat the level and see for themselves how astonishing it is.

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Fantastic advertising

ISpyWithMyLittleEye was showcased and discussed constantly throughout YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord. This brought many downloads and likes to the level. The popularity just made it more popular.

Everyone knows the level because of all these reasons. People hailed it as an incredible, amazing, and outstanding masterpiece. ISpyWithMyLittleEye also brought its creator, Voxicat, much more popularity in the Geometry Dash community.

And to top everything off, it got second place in the Geometry Dash 2023 Awards. So in conclusion, this is a legendary level that took the entire community by storm.

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