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The Map: If Geometry Dash Was Linear

The Map: If Geometry Dash Was Linear

The Geometry Dash 2.2 update seems like it's just around the corner but also so far away at the same time. But one feature that especially makes the wait hard is the "Map," a linear world with levels made by RobTop.

Analysis of leaks

It seems the map has a style similar to Geometry Dash World, where you can't access the next level until you complete the previous one. 3.5 different areas have been confirmed for the map.

The first area confirmed is a grassy area with foliage and a mine entrance, which has a skull on top and gems which could potentially be Shards of Power to the left of the entrance. It would be interesting if you could potentially go inside the mine, but the path doesn't seem to go to it.

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grassy area
mine entrance

The second area confirmed is an icy area with ice spikes, blue plants, and monsters wandering around. The monsters are seen going on the path and off the path. It would be cool if when the player runs into a monster while it's on the path, it starts a mini boss fight with mechanics similar to the enemy courses in the New Super Mario Bros series.

The third area confirmed is a dead area that is colored gray with saws, dead trees, and monsters (fewer monsters than the icy area). There is also a statue of the grim reaper, a gray tree that seems to be alive (or someone put lights in it), another statue of a cube that looks scared, and 2 signs; one with an upside-down smiley face and another with a skull on it.

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dead area

Now you might have seen that I said that 3.5 islands were confirmed. What I mean by this is that in the photo for the third island, we see an orange and rocky path. This place seems to be as big as the icy area and the grassy area, so the "dead land" could just be an extension of it. This place could be a desert map with cacti, among other things.

Why is it in the created levels menu?

In the Geometry Dash Discord server, RobTop leaked a design of what the 2.2 creator menu would look like. In this, he showed off many new buttons like the "Safe," "Lists," and "Event."

2.2 creator menu

He also revealed that The Map would be in the creator menu. I can't be the only one who thinks this is a very interesting choice. Why is this here? There might be a creator contest similar to the gauntlets where levels will compete to be in it. It could even get short challenges rated! It would be hilarious to see VSC as the final level.

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There's also the possibility that I'm overthinking all this and it is just placed there because it was an available spot. It might also not even be there once the official release of 2.2 comes out.

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