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The problems with the Geometry Dash Community

The problems with the Geometry Dash Community

In the last couple of years, I as a veteran noticed that with the expansion of the GD community, which is of course a good thing, came with a lot more struggle than we ever thought. We all started playing the game because a friend from school or work suggested it, but that doesn't matter. The one who brought the game to you enjoyed it and wanted you to feel the same. We started making space on new social platforms so we could discuss stuff around our favourite game. Twitter, GWF, Reddit, YouTube, and more. That doesn't matter much, as just we wanted to share our amazing experience with the game.

But, this joy and need to share it in different places had come crashing down to a race to popularity. I'm not saying it's wrong trying to be successful on YouTube, Twitter, or other platforms. It's just the way some people are doing it. Either some people want to be popular and share drama to achieve it, or they just like drama itself. Some people do, trust me.

One big example of drama: new, popular levels. Every time there's a new level released, someone completely hates it for mostly very basic and non-constructive reasons. People are saying "Night Rider was not worth the 5 years build time." What if you rather went on to properly criticize the level rather than spreading hatred? Or just support the creators for their efforts even if you don't exactly like the level? And levels are probably, and very sadly, the mildest things of all.

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ExtraCrispyCroc has been "accused" and harrased over supposed farming creator points. I don't think she does it, and even if she did, we should not care! Creator points are a stat in the game after all, why should it be bad to grind it? The other thing I also mentioned earlier, is of course, we are here to play the game. Not to argue over it. If someone creator point grinds, if the levels are at least decent, why should we care? We want to have fun and share happiness with others. That's what this article is about.

Let's do something. Let's get back the discussions GD had 5 years ago. Let's stop sharing hatred and anger over a $2 square jumping game and just have fun. Share this with anyone you can and have a great day, and I hope you'll never forget the message from this. Goodbye.

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