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Geometry Dash Extreme Demon "Natural Disaster" Remains Unrated Despite Removing Stolen Assets

Geometry Dash Extreme Demon "Natural Disaster" Remains Unrated Despite Removing Stolen Assets
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After being unrated for containing stolen assets nearly a year ago, Geometry Dash top 10 extreme demon Natural Disaster has remained unrated despite removing the stolen assets.

Neither RobTop Games or any Geometry Dash moderators have commented on why the level hasn't been rated.

On November 7, 2022, popular Geometry Dash creator Culuc revealed that Natural Disaster contained stolen assets, where at least some of which were his own.

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Despite saying he believes the level should still be rated, RobTop unrated the level.

As a result of this, Natural Disaster was updated to remove the stolen assets. However, this level has still remained unrated for nearly a year.

The fact that this level is still unrated was brought back into light after GD10 by Floppy was rated by RobTop on August 21.

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Despite GD10 featuring far more stolen assets than Natural Disaster—with every part being taken from another level—it got rated, whereas Natural Disaster has remained unrated.

Whether or not this means Natural Disaster deserves a rate, or whether GD10 doesn't deserve to be rated, has been the source of much debate as of late.

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