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Geometry Dash Demon List Bans Level Thumbnails

Geometry Dash Demon List Bans Level Thumbnails
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The Geometry Dash Pointercrate Demon List has started banning irrelevant thumbnails from their website in response to verifiers using their video thumbnails to advertise on the website.

For example, many verifiers were changing their video thumbnails in order to share their opinion on extreme demon placements.

Now, the Pointercrate Demon List staff not only have the ability to remove a thumbnail, but they have the ability to change it to something more fitting.

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What do you think of this change? Do you think verifiers should be allowed to change their level's thumbnail on the Demon List, or is this a good change to prevent spam on Pointercrate?

Whatever you think of this change, does it change your overall opinion on the Demon List?

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