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Dashword Survey Results: Here Is What You Told Us

Dashword Survey Results: Here Is What You Told Us

We recently put out an optional survey for our readers to fill out in order to help us improve our website. Here is what you told us and our plans for the future.

While this survey was 100% anonymous, we will still not be releasing exact figures.

How often do you visit Dashword? A lot, surprisingly.

Over 75% of survey respondents visit Dashword at least once a week. That is incredible! We were under the impression that we didn't have consistent readers, but new readers every month that come and go depending on their needs.

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However, you have shown us that many of you read Dashword consistently. For the longest time, we've been sacrificing writing quality for richer information. We didn't believe that people cared to read our stuff on their own, but just wanted to get the necessary information and leave.

Now knowing that is not the case, we will do our best to increase the quality of our future articles for our consistent readers.

What do you like to read from Dashword? Geometry Dash 2.2 news all the way.

Unsurprisingly, over 97% of respondents read our Geometry Dash 2.2 news. That makes sense due to the long-lasting hype for the update.

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Aside from 2.2 news, over one third of respondents read our Geometry Dash Demon List and extreme demon news. After that, you read our opinions and our guides.

But to our surprise, over 30% of respondents said they liked our Geometry Dash quizzes. These are silly quizzes that we occasionally put together for fun, but we assumed nobody liked them.

However, we have since added a new quiz after learning that a lot of you do enjoy them.

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How is your experience with comments on Dashword articles? You said... "what comments?"

40% of respondents were not even aware that we had comments on our site. But we do! You can open them using the Show Comments button at the end of the article.

We use a service called Disqus for our comments, and in order to keep hosting our comments for free, Disqus places ads when you open the comments. This can be disorienting for users and is why we hide comments by default.

If enough people start using comments, we may consider upgrading our comment system so it doesn't have ads! Speaking of ads...

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How is your experience with ads on Dashword? Most people think it's fine.

Our readers believe Dashword has a slightly below average number of ads compared to similar websites, believe the ads are not intrusive, and strongly believe the ads are necessary to fund our work. Fortunately, we have no plans to increase the number of ads on Dashword.

That being said, ads are necessary in order for Dashword to function. Dashword, like all websites, requires lots of maintenance to stay up. That is why we put ads on our site: so we can fund any maintenance and our other costs like website hosting.

When asking if they would be interested in paying a small fee to remove ads, the vast majority of our readers were not interested. Fortunately, we have no plans on adding any purchases to Dashword. We want our content to remain free for all.

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There is still so much more we want to ask!

Due to the success of this survey, we will consider running another survey later down the line. Some questions we want to ask are:

  1. Do you primarily get your Geometry Dash news from Dashword?
  2. Have you ever considered writing for Dashword?
  3. Do you have a favorite article on Dashword?

We would also like to make this next survey longer in order to get more detailed responses from our readers.

If you want to answer these questions now, consider answering them in the comments below!

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Thank you for all the support!

Please follow Dashword's Community Guidelines when commenting. If you would like to report infringement, contact us.

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