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Dashword Has Surpassed 6000 Monthly Readers

Dashword Has Surpassed 6000 Monthly Readers

Dashword has surpassed 6000 monthly readers! This is absolutely incredible and we cannot thank you enough.

We know 6000 readers isn't a lot compared to some big budget publications. But for a small, open-source publication run by people like yourself, we believe 6000 monthly readers to be an incredible achievement.

We would like to thank everyone who's ever read a Dashword article or stopped by our site.

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Down the line, we are looking for more authors to contribute to our content base. If you are interested in writing for us, you can read our contribution guide here.

In other news

In other news, Dashword will be hosting a new podcast called The GD Podcast! The first episode will be available within the next coming days and will feature popular Geometry Dash YouTubers such as MoldyMacaroniX and Tride. You can view all podcast episodes here.

Dashword has also reached 95 articles! This will be our 96th, meaning we are only 4 articles from 100. How about you consider writing for us and help us reach this incredible milestone?

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Thank you for reading our content!

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