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30 Geometry Dash 2.2 Gauntlets Leaked By RobTop

30 Geometry Dash 2.2 Gauntlets Leaked By RobTop
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RobTop Games, the primary Geometry Dash developer, has leaked 30 new Geometry Dash 2.2 gauntlets. These will come out after update 2.2 is released.

Here is a collection of all the leaked gauntlets, provided by RobTop in the Geometry Dash Discord server and posted by the GD Discord Twitter account.

Gauntlets 1
Gauntlets 2
Gauntlets 3
Gauntlets 4
Gauntlets 5
Gauntlets 6
Gauntlets 7
Gauntlets 8
Gauntlets 9
Gauntlets 10

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